It’s no secret that I think I cleaning schedule is super important. Maybe you’re at the point where you know you need some kind of household chores checklist, but you’re at a loss for where to start.

Never fear – I’ve got you covered today!

No printable you’ll find on the internet is going to cover all your needs perfectly, which is why it’s super important to make your own. Your life is personalized, as your schedule should be!

There are five simple steps to start the process of making your perfect cleaning schedule, so you can get on with your life!

Step 1: List out all your tasks that have to be done around the house

This one is pretty simple. Brain dump everything you can think of that you do around the house. From the everyday to the once in a blue moon – it doesn’t matter how often you do it, if you do it at all, it goes on the list. This isn’t the time to evaluate the task – just get it logged down on your list.

To help you start this process, I’ve got a free comprehensive cleaning checklist you can download so you don’t miss anything on your list!

Step 2: Decide how frequently each of these tasks must be done

Now that you have a household chores checklist made, it’s time to evaluate. Look over your list and sort it based on how often these things need to be done around your house. This will be different for everyone – some people need to sweep every day, while others are content with once a week. If you’re bogged down in laundry, perhaps a load a day will keep things under control – making laundry a daily task. If you dread laundry and find yourself doing it way too often, maybe you can separate the task into a twice a week wash day, and twice a week fold day.

This is YOUR schedule – there are no wrong answers. A mostly clean house and a sane Mama is 1000 times better than a pristine house and a stressed out Mama.

Step 3: Decide what day and time you will do these (if ever!)

After the cleaning tasks are in their appropriate frequency category, pick a specific time to do what’s on your lists. For the weekly tasks, assign a day of the week to them, being mindful of your other obligations on these days.

For example, I try not to put anything “heavy” on my Saturdays, as these are our family days, or Sundays, as we are rarely home.

For the alternating weekly and monthly tasks, give them a week and day. For me, this looks like cleaning all appliances inside and out on the first Monday of each month, as Mondays are light days.

You have complete control to schedule what happens on each day – use this to your advantage!

Step 4: Put them on your calendar

Having a schedule is of zero benefit unless you actually use it. If you don’t remember it, have it close at hand, or consult it, it isn’t doing you any good at all! Making the schedule is the very first part of the battle. The follow-through is the reward!

Step 5: Do a little bit every day!

While it does take some initial planning and preparing, creating a household chores checklist with a schedule that works with and for you is totally worth it. You get to enjoy the benefits of having a clean house, without having to spend hours one day getting everything done. I’ve found that doing a small part of the whole at a time, routinely, will keep your house clean AND your stress down!

Don’t forget to grab your FREE comprehensive cleaning checklist today! If you’re ready to go deeper, I walk you through the step by step process to creating a schedule that works for you in my book course, “A Clean House Without Stress.” Let’s take back your time for what really matters! 

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