I am so glad you’re here, friend.  

Does the Mama life have you feeling exhausted, weary, and tapped out?  Do you feel guilty about the time you spend chasing your to do list, and not your kids?  Do you collapse in bed each night, not sure where you’ll muster the energy to tackle another day like today?  Most importantly, do you feel alone in this, adding to the Mama guilt that robs you of those precious hours of sleep you desperately need?

The heart of Mom Life by Design is freedom.  Freedom from overwhelm.  Freedom from being ruled by a to-do list.  Freedom from guilt as you create the time you crave in your day to focus on what really matters – your sweet family.  

Hi – I’m Melissa.  That was me, not too long ago.  I felt like I was sinking into a pit of Mama despair as I couldn’t find balance between what HAD to be done, and what I wanted to do.  I was burnt out, frazzled, and snappy because I felt like I was literally living on the ledge.  

I got thrown into the midst of Mama life for the first time when we adopted our oldest son, who was 2 and a half at the time.  It took some adjusting, but we soon found our stride as a family of three.  My Mama heart expanded again as we welcomed our youngest son home 2 years later.  

As much as I love my family, this new change tipped my world upside down again, and I found myself desperately trying to cling to any sort of normalcy I could find.  My to-dos, as heavy as they weighed on me, were familiar and simple to wrap my brain around, and I found myself enslaved to them, at the expense of time with my husband and boys.  I lost myself in the mundane, and forgot to focus on the stuff that really matters.  

I imagine all of us Moms find ourselves here.  Life is demanding (Pinterest doesn’t help, am I right?!).  We all wish for at least one more hour in the day to get things done.  Most days feel like just running on a hamster wheel.  

Let’s grab hands here and fight this urge together.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Life is meant to be experienced – LIVED – not bottled into a dry, lifeless list of to-dos.  I’ve found some tips and tricks for mastering the mundane, rather than the other way around.  My heart is to share these with you, not so you can simply get more done in the day, but so that you can truly LIVE and love this precious life you’ve been given.  

You’re not alone.  Together we can re-discover freedom.