Daily Cleaning ScheduleCleaning the house certainly would not make the list of one of my favorite things.  

However, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it is, indeed, a necessary evil.

One morning, upon discovering the reality that NO ONE had any clean socks or underwear to put on in the morning, I lost it.  A few (or maybe a hundred) irrational thoughts about who was to blame ran through my frazzled and overwhelmed brain.  

“Why on earth did no one tell me they were wearing their last pair?  

Why do they wear so many clothes?  

Didn’t I JUST wash these people’s things?

No one is grateful for all the work I do around here and NOW they have the NERVE to complain about a lack of clean things?”

After I took a deep breath and came back down to earth, I realized there was no one to blame but myself.  In dividing the household duties, laundry was one of the things, among others, that I agreed to be responsible for.  I was failing at being effective in this task, however, because I was just leaving the job up to chance.  

Why Have A Daily Cleaning Schedule?

I’ve discovered the more I try to not think about all that needs to be taken care of around the house, the more stressed I get.  A nonchalant attitude towards these unpleasant tasks just isn’t going to cut it, friends.  You need a schedule.

I’m not just talking a general to-do list that continues to grow longer and longer, adding to the anxiety.  I’m talking about a daily, simple, actionable schedule that tells you what to do, and WHEN to do it.  

I’ve discovered four huge benefits of not leaving my clean house up to chance, and they continue to remind me that having a schedule is the way to go.   

Having a Plan Manages the Overwhelm

Taking care of a home is a daunting task.  There are so many parts and different things that need to be cleaned.  With no clear direction, I feel the burden of them all just sitting on my shoulders, waiting to be done.

When there are so many things to do just looming out there, I get super overwhelmed.  The slightest interruption to my day can send me into a downward spiral of snapping at everyone I love and just generally being grumpy.

I don’t want to live like that – in a world where minor things can set me off into a negative chain reaction.  Having a schedule takes the load off my shoulders.  Everything has a place, and will get done in its time.  

I don’t have to worry about washing the sheets (or more realistically, when the last time I washed the sheets was, quickly followed by all the mom guilt for allowing everyone to sleep on gross sheets for who knows how long…and before I know it I’m a failure at everything.  Can anyone relate?), because on sheet day, they get washed.

The burden comes off your shoulders and rests safely in your schedule.

No Panic Deep Cleaning Sessions

Have you ever had a friend drop by unexpectedly and been embarrassed about the state of your house?  Or what about relatives that give you a call as they are on their way for a visit?  I get it – this stuff used to majorly stress me out too.  

As a stay at home mom, I know the expectations are high from the outside.  I try not to let other people have any say over me, but truth be told, I feel like my home is a reflection of me.  Part of my work at home is to take care of the house and be good stewards with what we’ve been entrusted with.

Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t mean I tie up my self worth in whether or not we would pass a white glove test (because man, would I be a big failure)!  I know what’s seen on the outside (in how I take care of my home) is a reflection of the inside.

The beauty of a daily cleaning schedule is that you’re always company ready.  There’s no need to stress the entire family out for an emergency deep clean when family or friends are dropping in unexpectedly – you’re ready!

Having bite sized chunks of cleaning that you do regularly according to the schedule ensures that nothing is forgotten, or left for too long, on its own.  

You Run Your Home – It Doesn’t Run You

Without a daily schedule, I let things pile up.  Only urgent needs can catch my attention, and get my frazzled efforts to get them back under control.  It’s a vicious cycle – and one that leaves me without the power.  

Knee-jerk reactions are never as powerful as a well thought out response to the problem.  

When you have a schedule that takes care of all the things in your house that need to be done, your energy is so much better served in purposefully moving forward instead of constantly putting out fires.  You stay on top of things, and in control, eliminating the urgency and stress that I used to always associate with cleaning the house.

No one should be a slave to cleaning.  It’s high time we put taking care of the house back in its place, where we can get it done and forget about it.  

It Makes Your House a Haven

We’ve talked about how a daily cleaning schedule decreases your stress, keeps your home ready for surprise visits, and keeps you in control rather than the other way around.  Not only does a daily cleaning schedule keep your home clean and orderly, it keeps you more calm as well.

When Mama isn’t in a cleaning frenzy, it can help to keep the overall tone in the house calm and peaceful, especially in your own heart.  Without the weighty burden of cleaning chores just hanging out there in the future, for me, it frees up more of me to speak and respond gently with my family.  

A schedule isn’t a miracle worker all by itself, but in the hands of a Mama willing to implement it, it can be quite miraculous the changes it can create.  

If you’re ready to try a daily cleaning schedule, but unsure where to start, be sure to get my comprehensive cleaning schedule checklist below!

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Julie S @ Fab Working Mom Life · at 10:22 am

I definitely see your points here. Having smaller tasks to complete on a regular basis is SO Much easier than my routine of OMG THIS HOUSE IS A MESS and then not having time for it all anyway. I need to start, maybe a more weekly routine since I don’t have much time on work days, so that things go more smoothly. I can learn from you 🙂

Donna Merrill · at 12:15 pm

Hi Melissa,

I just met you on Harleena’s blog and came over.

Oh my If I didn’t have a cleaning schedule, I would go out of my mind. Things do pile up quicker than we think. My husband and I work as a team from business to the smallest tasks in our home. I cook, he cleans up … I do laundry one day a week, he folds and puts things away. Having a buddy system works well lol.

When it comes to that deep cleaning chore, we do it together. Washing windows…yuck! But I do the inside while he does the outside and we act like kids. We do make things fun and not a daunting chore.

I think that if we have a good schedule, and we are blessed to have someone to do things with it becomes fun.

There is nothing better than a fresh clean home….one that is not cluttered.


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