making cleaning your house (more) funI know some days (ok, maybe most days), the last thing you want to do is follow your cleaning schedule.  There are so many other shiny, fun things vying for your attention that sweeping or scrubbing toilets doesn’t hold a candle to.  

We all know these things have to get done, and it’s so much less stressful to just get it out of the way, instead of allowing things to pile up. However, from personal experience, I know it can be really hard to fight the desire to just put it off.  

One day, I was seriously struggling.  Sweeping and mopping were on the schedule, and honestly, I could care less what the state of my floors looked like.  I was super unmotivated and simply didn’t want to do it.  

They were like little neon signs on my to-do list, making me crinkle up my nose in disgust and look away every time I saw them.  Finally, the time came when everything BUT sweeping and mopping were done on my list, and I just had to bite the bullet.  

And you know what?  The thing I had used so much energy on all day to avoid, the thing that was literally draining the life out of me, only took me 15 minutes.  I had to laugh at all the drama I made over those 15 minutes, and I took to heart a valuable lesson.  Just DO it. (Thanks, Nike!)

When you’re just not feeling it, here are some ideas that just might help you find how to make cleaning fun, and move on with your day.  

How To Make Cleaning Fun

Turn on Some Music

There’s nothing better to get you up and moving than some good tunes.  Crank up your Pandora, Apple Radio, or Spotify Playlist, and groove with a purpose.  Cleaning doesn’t have to be all business all the time!

Have fun with it.  If dancing isn’t your thing – don’t force it.  But don’t be afraid to get silly.  Your kids will crack up as you do the box-step with your broom, but they will also most likely join you in the shenanigans.  And more helpers means you get to move on faster!

Maybe you just need to belt along with the radio.  It takes your mind off the task at hand, and makes time seem to fly by.  Go for it!  You’re in charge here – and your house is your stage.  Get it clean and practice your “Voice” audition you’ve always day-dreamed about.  

No matter what you do with it, music gives you a beat to clean to, helps the time go by so much faster, and gives you a message to focus on while you get things done.  

Set a Timer

If you’re dreading being roped in to hours of cleaning (which is most likely not reality if you’re following a cleaning schedule), set a timer.  Give yourself 10 minutes to get as much done as you possibly can.  

If you’re the competitive type, this is gold.  

You’ll be highly efficient for these 10 minutes, most likely knocking out what has to be done today, and you’ll have a blast trying to beat the clock while doing so.

This is also a great way to involve your littlest helpers.  A five minute race to complete chores is a great way to spice things up and have a blast while taking care of the house.  Kids love the fast aspect, and you can get a ton accomplished in a super short time!

If it doesn’t all happen in the 5-10 minutes, that’s totally ok too!  Give yourself an hour to work on other things, then do another 10 minute blast.  Keep it up until you’re all done for the day.  You’ll hardly even know it’s work.  

Make an Adult “Chore Chart”

For you visual learners, an adult chore chart may be just what you need!  I know it initially sounds a little childish or silly, but visually completing the tasks that need to be done might be just the motivation you’re looking for.  It could be as involved as the kids chore charts, or it could be as simple as simply placing a star sticker on a printable calendar for each day you follow your cleaning schedule.  

It’s another great way to involve the kids, too.  They want to see you succeed. They will ask about the things that need to be done.  They will hold you accountable!  And best case, they might even help you get them done.  

If you need a little extra incentive, too, think about a reward you could trade in for a week or a month’s worth of completed chore charts.  Maybe it’s a night off of dinner duty once a month for finishing that chore chart, or a Mani/Pedi, or treating the family to frozen yogurt.  You know what motivates you – don’t be afraid to cash in on it!

Do the Most Dreaded First

We all have that one thing that we dread.  Laundry, vacuuming, dusting – whatever it is, it just feels like it’s weighing you down.

Don’t let it sit on your head like a boulder.  Commit to yourself to get that one thing done first.  

Once the one thing is done, have a celebration party!  No more negative energy needs to be wasted on this.  It’s not hanging out there trying to ruin your day.  It’s over with and forgotten, and you can happily get on with your day, knowing you’ve tackled the beast.  

While I can’t guarantee these tips will magically make cleaning your house the stuff your dreams are made of, they do help to shift it from a drudgery to a “can-do.”  

What are your tips for getting rid of the dread?  What would you share if someone asked you how to make cleaning fun?

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